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Cheatham Creek Pump Station

The CheathamCreek Pump Station and Collection System represents an upgrade to the existing pump station and collection system. The existing 50-HP duplex pump station will be replaced in 2016 with a duplex 140-HP station with VFDs to pace flow. This station will have the capablility of pumping more than 3.0 MGD in this upcoming phase. In addition to serving the upcoming Mountain Crest Development off Chamblee Gap Road, this station will serve almost five square miles of the Ciity of Cumming's Water & Sewerage Service Area as per the City of Cumming's Sewer Master Plan.

The Pump Station will pump almost a mile hrough a 16-inch and 14-inch HDPE force main to the City's Bethelvew Road Advanced Water Reclamation Facility.

Construction of the Cheatham Creek Pump Station and Collection System is anticipated to be compelted late 2016 and cost approximately $3.0 million.