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Union Station Wastewater Pump Station

The Union Station Pump Station will initially serve several identified residential developments totaling 721 units and pump approximately 616 gpm. This pump station will ultimately serve the drainage basin and be required to pump 2 MGD (1,380 gpm) per Forsyth County Water and Sewer Department. Provisions were made in the current pump station design to allow for upsizing the pump station to meet the future needs with minimal costs.

The proposed force main from the union Station Pump Station ties onto an existing 10" force main that runs along Shiloh Road. The force main is 10" DIP and runs approximately 1,050 feet to the tie on point at Shiloh Road. The existing 10" force main is used by the Shiloh Road Pump Station and pumps directly to the Fowler Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. One design parameter for the Union Station Pump Station was that the Shiloh Road Pump Station must be able to pump at least 500 gpm when both pumps operate concurrently.

The Union Station Pump Station includes two 100-HP Flygt Model CP-3300 submersible pumps.