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Potable Water Projects

The Composite Elevated Tank will serve Cumming’s customers in the southern portion of its service area plus Northside Hospital.
The 1500 kW Standby Generator provides backup power for the Potable Water Production Facility to over 75,000 customers.
Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority’s Reservoir Rehabilitation included the removal of 69,000 cy of treatment residuals.
Completed in 2010, the $1.1 million ARRA project significantly improves the efficiency of the water production operation.
The 6.0 MGD PWPF represents an expansion to the City’s existing 18.0 MGD PWPF and provides production during peak summer demands.
The fluted style column tank stands 148-feet and serves Cumming’s customers in the northern portion of its service area.
The Plate and Frame process improves the capture and dewatering of the settled solids at Cumming’s PWFP.
The 12-inch DIP water main will bring water service to the northeast portion of Cumming's Service and facilitate commercial development.