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Pump Station Projects

The Settingdown Creek Pump Station and Collection System includes 160-HP Pumps and serves almost 12 Square Miles.
The FY2018 Cobb County Pump Station project includes the rehabilitation includes the rebuilding of two submersible pump stations.
The 130-HP Troublesome Creek Influent Pump Station serves the Sun City Peachtree community plus future adjacent development.
The Gravitt Road Pump Station serves development in the northern portion of the City of Cumming's Service Area since 2006.
This 130-HP triplex submersible pump station will ultimately serve the 3,650-acre drainage basin and be required to pump 2.6 MGD.
CEC designed three self-priming pump stations ranging from 15 HP to 100 HP for the Heron Bay Golf Course Community in Henry County.
Forsyth County's Union Station Pump Station will ultimately serve the drainage basin and be required to pump 2 MGD.
The Lanier Beach South pump station serves the area along Lake Lanier and removed a lake discharge from an outdated treatment facility.
The 88-HP Sanders Road Pump Station serves several commercial developments adjacent to Georgia 400 and has a capacity of 1.1 MGD.
The 35-HP duplex submersible pump station serves the northeast portion of the City of Cumming's service area, including Costco.
The Sawnee Creek Pump Station serves the drainage basin (6,445 acres) and pumps 3.9 MGD (2,706 gpm).
The Ronald Reagan Pump Station includes a 4.5 MGD triplex 105-HP VFD station with inline grinding and emergency standby pumping.
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