Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

From pre-development testing to system calibration and annual inspections, we are experts in the field of hydraulic modeling and associated technologies.

Civil Engineering Consultants has tested and modeled thousands of fire hydrants for municipalities and private developers throughout metro-Atlanta.

Our professionals are constantly apprised of fire hydrant testing and modeling guidelines from the National Fire Protection Association, the American Water Works Association, and governing municipalities.

Unlike many fire hydrant testing companies, CEC’s technicians and engineers have decades of expertise in hydraulic modeling and associated technologies.

Beyond simple testing, we provide solutions. Our testers are professional engineers and firefighters — literally experts in the field.

Why Test?

  • Measure available fire hydrant flow rates
  • System planning and model calibration
  • Operability (testing for available fire flow and operability)


Inaccurate pre-construction fire flow testing data can have costly short-term and long-term implications.

Civil Engineering Consultants helps developers optimize water line pipe sizes and maximize available fire hydrant flow through testing and modeling of existing water systems.

Existing water systems with marginal available fire flows or properties with significant elevation changes can prevent a developer from meeting fire hydrant flow requirements. During the conceptual phase of a proposed development, preliminary water models identify available fire flow in remote locations and high points within a development, including recommendations regarding water line sizes and/or potential loop connections.

Civil Engineering Consultants gathers relevant field data by testing one or more existing hydrants in the vicinity of a proposed development. Using current flow data, we use WaterCAD to create a hydraulic computer model based on existing water system characteristics.

After the existing water system is calibrated, we provide a model of the proposed water system, including estimates of the available fire flow for each proposed fire hydrant within the development. Available fire flows are estimated using safety factors that simulate periods of high sustained demand.


Civil Engineering Consultants is preapproved to test hydrants for municipalities around metro-Atlanta and the Southeast. Contact us for a complete list of municipalities for which we are approved providers, as well as up-to-date information on municipal fire hydrant testing requirements throughout metro-Atlanta.